Part 1 - Please read the event rules

  • * As the person who register the team, I certify to have read and understood the rules, of the 24 Hours Rollers 2019 to have read it and explain to each of the teammates, all agreed to accept it and commit themselves to it .

Part 2 - Please fill up the form

Compulsory fields: *

The registration fees includes for the participants:

  • Access to the prestigious circuit of 24 Hours le Mans
  • Participation to the 24 H ROLLERS race by team or solo
  • Access to the roller expo village
  • Water supply access
  • Medical supervisory staff : doctors, physiotherapists…
  • Access to the box area (=pit), toilets and showers
  • Electronic timekeeping with two chip per team
  • Bib ( For Solo + 1 COACH bib for access to the solo carpet zone)
  • Follow-up by internet (and TV in pits) the evolution of your ranking
  • the race insurance ( See files with Rules & insurance )
  • Registration and bank fees
    • 3€ for the SOLO and DUO
  • You will fill up later the information for each teammates when the team registration will be confirmed and an email will send to you ( with Login and password).
  • Then you will be able to connect to your team account and access to the TEAM files to register all the teammates. You have until JUNE 22th 2019 to enter all teammates .

Business Team

Get sponsorship from a company If you know a company who can sponsor you this "BUSINESS TEAM" package is made for you.

More information 


On the website it will be soon possible to make reservation and payment  for your :.
  • MEALS ticket.
  • CAMPING and PARKING places.
  • PADDOCK entrance
  • Reservations will be possible until 15 days before the 24H ROLLERS

More information

Depending of your reservations, camping or Paddock “access bracelet” will be delivery to you at the camping entrance or at the welcome information office.


It’s also possible to make reservation for a private lounge to welcome your team during the 24 Hours.
These lounge are located below the main tribune of the straight line – relay zone- You can enjoy and follow the race from right above your team box in the paddock.

More information.

Would you become a volunteer?

For few hours or for the whole week-end - you or one of your team member – wish to live the adventure with the organization team?
Give us your availabilities and we will contact you!

More information

  1. CATEGORIES and option

    From September 10th
    From jan. 10th From may 10th
    THE ULTRAS 18years old and +
    SOLO max 120 pers.
    160 € 185 € 195 € (+10€)
    DUO Max 50
    Man (mixted)
    280 € 310 € 320 € (+10€)
    ENDURO 3 à 6 pers
    18 and over
    Man (mixted)
    465 € 480 € (80€/pers.) 510 € (+30€)
    PRESTIGE 7 à 10 pers
    16 and over
    Man (mixted)
    565 € 580 € (58€/pers.) 630 € (+50€)
    DECOUVERTE up to 12 pers
    14 and over
    595 € 610 € (50€/pers.) 660 € (+50€)
    QUADS 7 to 10 pers
    16 and over
    Man (mixted)
    565 € 580 € (58€/pers.) 630 € (+50€)
    LONGBOARD 18years old and over
    SOLO Longboard
    160 € 185 € 195 € (+10€)
    DUO Longboard
    Man (or mixted)
    280 € 310 € 320 € (+10€)
    ENDURO Longboard - 3 to 6 pers.
    18years old and over
    Man (or mixted)
    465 € 480 € (80€/pers.) 510 € (+30€)
    BUSINESS TEAMS 2.160€ 2.160€ 2.160€

    Include Team registration ( Make choice of the category below ) + Private lounge + partner communication + booth expo .

    More information

  2. Vous renseignerez vos équipiers ultérieurement lorsque votre inscription sera validée et votre e-mail de confirmation reçu. Il contiendra un login et mot de passe vous permettant de vous connecter pour enregistrer vos équipiers.
  3. If you choose Prestige Category, Option Business or Student, the team's name must be the same as your firm or school

  4. The Captain-manager can be also a team manager who do not take part in the event on Rollers. He can be the person who organize and manage the team.
    He is the responsible person who register the team.
    He can also be a participating teammates.

  5. I HAVE a roller Skating federation’s license in my country

     I DON’T HAVE a roller Skating federation’s license in my country
  6. Yes
    If yes how many time?
  7. Golden (Guests) book
    I accept that this can be used by 24H communication. in my name- anonymous

    • I accept that this can be used by 24H communication. in my name - anonymous

    • I accept that this can be used by 24H communication. in my name - anonymous
  8. Registration & bank fees
    • 5€/team for the TEAMS (Enduro, Prestige, decouverte, quads categories)
    • 3€/team for the ULTRA (solo and duo)
  9. *  I declare to be over 18 years old and to be the owner of the credit card used to proceed with the payment.
  10. In conformity with law N° 78-17 dated January 6, 1978, each participant agrees to have certain personal information entered in a file or files on an electronic storage media. Each participant may exercise his or her right to access and to rectify any information concerning him or herself that is contained in these files. The organizers promise to not make any of these files or their content available to a third party. By acceptance of the conditions and regulations stipulated here, and in conformity with article L 212-4 of the French legislation covering intellectual property, each participant agrees to cede to the organizers for a limited period of time and free of charge the right to use his or her image as recorded within the context of the activities of the organizer, and this for the purposes of reproduction by any means known or unknown at the present time.