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CHAD HEDRICK, Guest of Honour at the 24H Rollers 2024.

Updated: Feb 5


THE living LEGEND of our sport.

He is to speed skating what a Pele or a Zidane are to football. He reigned at the top of our sport for almost two decades and continues to amaze us even today, even though he retired almost 15 years ago.


- 50 world champion titles in inline skating over distances ranging from 1000m to Marathon (1994-2002).

- OLYMPIC CHAMPION in long track after ending his roller skating career and only one year of training, he became World Champion in ice speed skating. He set six new world records (the first man in history to break 13 minutes over 10,000 metres). 4 years later (in 2006) he became Olympic Champion over the 5000m distance.


Christophe Audoire - International trainer and organiser of the 24 H Rollers of Le Mans:

"Every time I've met Chad, I've been fascinated and impressed by the charisma he exudes.

Chad is also Mr DOUBLE-PUSH. From his first world champion title in 1994 in France, he has surprised the whole world with his very special way of skating.

In this Olympic year, I'm delighted that we can welcome the greatest roller skating champion of all time as our guest of honour in Le Mans.

Very soon, I'm going to meet him in Houston to interview him with a view to preparing a conference that he could give when he comes to Le Mans. (Friday 28 June) To be continued ... "

LINK to one of these world champion roller titles ahead of Arnaud Gicquel:


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